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Delete Data Stolen Computer
With laptop thefts on the rise, businesses need to know how to keep their data safe and secure. Data breaches
Facebook Cryptocurrency Libra
With over two billion users worldwide, Facebook rules the social media space. But it is now setting its ambitions even
A robber holding a computer
Data security is – or should be – a top priority for businesses both big and small. With data breaches
Video Streaming Encryption
Our blog post – “Video Encryption – How to Secure Your Digital Content” – we covered the basics of the
  Going green is a trend that is fast catching up with the corporate sector. Whether you are a startup
Document Management System, Cybersecurity, Digital File Management
Technological innovations have helped several verticals optimize their performance. For example, CRM software helps the sales and marketing function, LMS
Enterprise Security
With the threat of cyberattacks looming large in organizations of every size, it is imperative for companies to have foolproof
Digital Documents, Secure Document Management, Cybersecurity Company
  As the majority of organizations now conduct business electronically, securing digital content is essential – as discussed in our
As the number of mobile devices increases around the world, keeping the digital content safe and secure is becoming a
With the start of the European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on May 25 of this year, data
Predicative analytics, cloud services, human resource management software, improve employee engagement, HR automation,
Innovations in technologies have helped businesses improve performance in many areas. Be it the marketing field, learning and development sector,
Cryptography in the cloud
Cloud technology has rapidly been adopted by organizations of all sizes – from Fortune 500 corporations to plucky start-ups. And

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