Corporate Training


Corporate Training Case Study / Use Case

Information provided in corporate training materials – whether for employees, partners or customers – is often the company’s ‘secret sauce’. Corporate training materials cover everything from how to use a product and how to achieve certifications, to policies and procedures for employee standards. This vitally important information is shared online, in documents, on DVDs and on CDs.

Today organizations routinely provide these training materials ‘in good faith,’ – with no safeguards against piracy, accidental loss, or misuse. Thus this critical data is often shared with unintended recipients, copied and altered to fit a recipient’s needs and alter your message. The result is loss of critical data, and lost revenue opportunity.

Reduce Risks of Unauthorized Sharing with Corporate Video Encryption – and Increase Revenue. eServe’s encryption technology enables your organization to keep sensitive training materials secure.

With encrypted content security, eServe ensures that only the intended recipients can view and interact with the content.

Keep all of your corporate training materials secure with eServe including:

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Documents
  • Presentations
  • Encrypted DVD/Encrypted USB
  • And other rich media

Recipients can view and interact with your content on their smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops and other applications – with no installation required on their part.

Best of all, eServe provides actionable analytics that you can use to understand content usage and use for future content development.

Case Study: How One Company Maximized Training Revenue with eServe

This global leader in high technology manufacturing has over 38,000 employees in more than 60 countries. The Education Services division is responsible for providing training and instruction on their premier technology to its global clients. Education Services uses Video Instructor Led Training, including DVDs, online video, audio, PDF and PowerPoint. Without E-Serve’s corporate video encryption customers were able to routinely share training materials with each other and even competitors.

With eServe, the content is encrypted and users must authenticate the device to watch the content. A single user can access the content as often as they like, but only on the approved device. E-Serve also provides the company with tracking and analytics, so the company can evaluate performance of the content, and follow up with additional instruction and information when necessary.

In only six months, the company realized a 14x return on investment as a result of their ability to control access to information, and thus increase Education Services sales opportunities.