Technical Publications

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Technical Publications Use Case

Product development specs, research, and new product ideas, designs – these are your businesses most valuable pieces of data. Like any high tech manufacturer, in order to build the most successful product in a cost efficient manner, you likely share this critical information with suppliers, employees, offshore laborers, and other partners, both within your organization and internationally.

As your content moves within your business, outside of it, and across time zones, it becomes susceptible to threats. Whether from international piracy or accidental employee negligence – your content is at risk. eServe’s secure content delivery platform can safeguard your intellectual property and mitigate a wide array of security risks. Whether from criminals, hackers, competitors or employee negligence, today’s organizations face more threats to their data than ever. eServe’s sophisticated encryption software is a 21st Century solution to 21st Century threats.

With IP Protection and Data Safeguard methods, we can ensure employees, partners and other intended recipients can securely interact with and share critical documents, video and other content anywhere, anytime, without the risk of unauthorized access. eServe is easy-to-use, cost-effective, and highly secure.

Be safe. Be sure. With eServe.

  • Analytics – eServe’s analytics allow document owners to track and manage rights and permissions for viewing content. eServe provides reporting based on users, devices, page views and geographic location.
  • Terminate Content – The content owner is able to remotely terminate access to the content at any time. If a partner relationship ends, or a device is lost, access to the content can immediately be rescinded.
  • Mobile Access – eServe provides support for the major mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and Google Android smart phones.
  • Secure Video – eServe is the first and only provider of secure video delivery.
  • Encrypted Data Security – Content is encrypted between the application and the Operating System, not within the document, ensuring a higher level of security.
  • Additional Security Features – While the application is hosted in the eServe cloud, the content can sit behind the client’s corporate firewall, adding an additional level of security. IP Protection keeps your content safe no matter where it is delivered or viewed.