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Protect Your Digital Content and Intellectual Property!

Secure, Cloud-Based Content Distribution and Protection –  Is Your Manufacturing Company Releasing Control of Proprietary Content without Realizing It?

Manufacturing firms succeed based on the efforts of multiple teams. Cloud-based collaboration tools, digital file transfers, and email are all relied upon to bring teams together in order to communicate and complete projects. In addition to this type of information sharing, manufacturing companies frequently need to share information with partners, customers, and suppliers across town and around the world.

However, the information that is being shared isn’t always for public consumption. For many manufacturers, their proprietary systems and plans are their most valuable assets. From trade secrets to product designs to product launch information, this digital content needs to be secure.

How Secure is Your Digital Content?

90% of organizations in a Ponemon study reported that they had suffered at least one data breach, and many were victims of careless negligence on the part of an employee or a third party team member.

Docuserve_Cloud Computing Software_Online Collaboration ToolsImagine sharing designs for your latest product with an outside vendor in order to prepare for the product launch. Is that information really secure? Can it be accessed if that vendor loses his iPad or – even worse – he decides to forward it to a competitor? Do you really know where your digital content is?!

It’s a chilling scenario for any manufacturing firm, and it’s one that many are unaware that they are facing. They freely share information with partners, employees and third parties without understanding the need to track and control the content.


If a firm does understand the need to protect their content beyond password-protected files or standard collaboration tools, they are faced with a number of challenges including:

  • Delivering and sharing content on platforms that employees, partners and third parties need to use.
  • Enabling content security during the distribution process in anytime, including the mobile environment.
  • Protecting and securing the content in order to reduce risk and maximize revenue opportunities.

Reduce Risks of Unauthorized Sharing with Content Security for Your Manufacturing Firm

Don’t leave your proprietary content in unsecure hands.

Don’t leave your proprietary content in unsecure hands. No matter whom you’re working with or how they’re receive the content, you can keep it safe with DocuServe’s eServe.

DocuServe’s eServe patent pending file encryption technology enables your manufacturing firm with the tools it needs to keep sensitive proprietary content secure. Keep all of your rich media secure with Docuserve’s eServe including:

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Documents
  • Presentations
  • DVDs
  • And other rich media

Recipients can view and interact with your content on their smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops and other applications – with no installation required on their part. Your firm can track it’s usage to monitor the device types used, geographic location of the recipient and the amount of time spent

Don’t leave your proprietary content in unsecure hands. No matter whom you’re working with or how they’re receive the content, you can keep it safe with DocuServe’s eServe.

DocuServe’s eServe content encryption solution provides:

  • Document Centric – Complete control over your content down to the document level.
  • Content Security in the Cloud – Because DocuServe eServe is a cloud-based technology, documents, video and other shared files never exist on the user’s device, making it simple and easy to withdraw access, publish updates and changes and effectively manage access.
  • Mobile Access – DocuServe eServe provides support for the major mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and Google Android smart phones.
  • Secure Video – DocuServe’s eServe is the first and only provider of secure video delivery for enterprise organizations.
  • Security at Rest and in Motion
  • Encrypted Data Security – Content security is ensured because the content is encrypted between the application and the Operating System, not within the document, ensuring a higher level of security.
  • Content Tracking and Analytics – DocuServe’s eServe provides a detailed level of analytics to enable content owners to understand when, how and for how long a user accessed the content. Use the content security data to improve messaging, increase revenue, target buyers with specific information and analyze the performance of the content.
  • Remote Wipe – Eliminate Access to your content at anytime from anywhere.