Mobile Security

Overcome the Challenges of BYOD!

Keep CPG and Retail Employees Productive – Without Risking Data Loss

As tablets and mobile devices have made their way into the retail and consumer packaged goods industry, IT departments have been slow to embrace the change and secure digital content.

When content becomes mobile, there’s also more risk involved.

According to a Ponemon Study, 71% of IT department heads surveyed said that controlling sensitive or confidential documents is more difficult that controlling records in databases. Nearly the same percentage reported that documents accessed through mobile data-bearing devices like smartphones and tablets present a significant security risk to their organizations, and the files need to be secured.

Companies in all industries are facing the issues related to mobile security, but CPG and retail organizations in particular need to address content security directly. In addition to the financial department, human resources, sales, marketing and pricing information that needs to be transferred between employees or departments, there are also the inventory lists and other records of physical products that need to be secured.

Tablets and other mobile devices can make it simple to access and send information from onsite retail locations to corporate headquarters, or vice versa. But without content control, that information is in harm’s way.

Standard encryption can’t protect your data from internal theft, the negligent loss of devices or insecure personal devices being used for business purposes. Your retail or CPG organization needs content security that can be used on multiple device types and ensure protection in case of theft or loss.

BYOD Convenience and Cost Savings without the Risks

There are multiple benefits to embracing a BYOD approach in the retail and CPG industries – from cost savings to increased productivity. And you can enjoy

all of these benefits without risking data by using Docuserve’s eServe.

Docuserve’s eServe document centric cloud-based content security app can be used to secure:

  • Sales documents and marketing material.
  • Internal training manuals and videos.
  • Retail and wholesale pricing sheets.
  • On-site and off-site inventory information.
  • Human resources data and other internal documents.
  • Executive level communications
  • And more.

You’ll enjoy automatic encryption of your documents and other rich media files – including Office documents, HTML, Adobe and integrated media.

Your rich media files will live in the cloud – and never on the recipient’s device – making BYOD a real possibility for your organization. Connect with remote teams, on location personnel and more with our content security app.

DocuServe’s eServe content encryption solution provides:

  • Document Centric – Complete control over your content down to the document level.
  • Content Security in the Cloud – Because DocuServe eServe is a cloud-based technology, documents, video and other shared files never exist on the user’s device, making it simple and easy to withdraw access, publish updates and changes and effectively manage access.
  • Mobile Access – DocuServe eServe provides support for the major mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and Google Android smart phones.
  • Secure Video – Docuserve’s eServe is the first and only provider of secure video delivery for enterprise organizations.
  • Security at Rest and in Motion
  • Encrypted Data Security – Content security is ensured because the content is encrypted between the application and the Operating System, not within the document, ensuring a higher level of security.
  • Content Tracking and Analytics – Docuserve’s eServe provides a detailed level of analytics to enable content owners to understand when, how and for how long a user accessed the content. Use the content security data to improve messaging, increase revenue, target buyers with specific information and analyze the performance of the content.
  • Remote Wipe – Eliminate Access to your content at anytime from anywhere.