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Join the Digital Publishing Revolution – With Cloud-Based Content Control

According to Forrester Research,

212.5 million US adults are expected to own a tablet in 2025,

212.5 million US adults are expected to own a tablet in 2025, which accounts for 2/3 of all adults. Tablet adoption has gone up by 200% in just the last year alone. And what are owners doing on these tablets? They are reading – preferring it to their mobile phone, computer and traditional newspapers and magazines.

No matter which industry you’re in, you have digital readers ready and waiting to receive information from you on their devices. As more and more content moves from traditional printed models to digital format, your organization needs to embrace the digital publishing revolution and make information available on these devices.

However, there are major security concerns that enterprises face when they make the move to digital publishing. Although digital publishing offers multiple benefits – from increased customer satisfaction to lower printing and distribution costs – many organizations shy away from distributing information in digital form because of the security risks.

Once a PDF or other rich media file has been sent, a company has no control over where that asset goes. Recipients can share the report with anyone – which can hurt an organization’s bottom line. How can you step into the digital publishing revolution without putting your proprietary data and intellectual property at risk?

Cloud-Based Content Control Opens Up Opportunities for Publishers in All Industries

With Docuserve’s eServe, your organization can experience all of these benefits without risking theft, loss or damage to your intellectual property.

DocuServe’s eServe is an ideal solution for:

Training Organizations, looking to recoup revenue lost to thief of content. Traditional publishers embracing s digital publishing to court new readers. Organizations that want to deliver marketing materials in a more accessible form. Researchers who are looking for a convenient, and secure, way to deliver content. Anyone delivering information!

Our patent-pending digital encryption platform protects your content against forwarding or sharing – without inhibiting your rich media or requiring installation on the recipient’s part.

Best of all, DocuServe’s eServe delivers in depth analytical feedback on your content’s usage so you can make marketing and content development decisions.

Gain insight into your readers’ behavior by observing:

  • Where the content was opened.
  • Which device was used to open the content.
  • How long the content was viewed.
  • Which sections of the content received the most interest.
  • Where your content was opened by geography.

These document centric actionable analytics help you keep your content safe. You can establish rules for remote termination if the content is opened on an authorized device or in a specific geographical location. In addition, you can pinpoint exactly which portion of the content were revisited and re-read – giving you an opportunity to create more content on that subject.

Forward-thinking research companies, enterprises and publishers know that secure digital publishing is increasingly important and allows them to generate more revenue by analyzing usage. By harnessing the analytics available through DocuServe’s eServe, companies can prepare new content, books, reports and guides based on what is interesting their current customers.

DocuServe’s eServe content encryption solution provides:

  • Document Centric – Complete control over your content down to the document level.
  • Content Security in the Cloud – Because DocuServe eServe is a cloud-based technology, documents, video and other shared files never exist on the user’s device, making it simple and easy to withdraw access, publish updates and changes and effectively manage access.
  • Mobile Access – DocuServe eServe provides support for the major mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and Google Android smart phones.
  • Secure Video – DocuServe’s eServe is the first and only provider of secure video delivery for enterprise organizations.
  • Security at Rest and in Motion
  • Encrypted Data Security – Content security is ensured because the content is encrypted between the application and the Operating System, not within the document, ensuring a higher level of security.
  • Content Tracking and Analytics – DocuServe’s eServe provides a detailed level of analytics to enable content owners to understand when, how and for how long a user accessed the content. Use the content security data to improve messaging, increase revenue, target buyers with specific information and analyze the performance of the content.
  • Remote Wipe – Eliminate Access to your content at anytime from anywhere.